Beat Factory Production’s main focus is on the musical talent of today! B.F.P has a variety of beats; Hip-Hop/R&B/Rap, Reggae, Soca, and Pop and who doesn’t like to ROCK OUT?!

Hi there! My name is Anthony Stephen, I am the founder of B.F.P. I was born in Kitty, Guyana. At the age of 15, I relocated to Brooklyn, New York. Today, I reside in Poinciana, FL with my wife Debbie, son Patman, daughter Patrina and granddaughter Aleena. I have a lot of appreciation towards music. Music is a way to express your feeling’s. No matter what mood I’m in, music I will always let in. Music is the best communication in the World! In 1980 I wrote a poem the words went a little like this;

Music is my motto, music is my life. Music is the only reason, I argue with my wife. If I have no music, then I have no goals. I’d rather have sweet music, than all the money in the World, ’cause it’s music, sweet, sweet, music. Music is a language, that everybody understands. Music never varies, no matter how it sounds. Some folks likes guitars, some folks likes drums. Some folks like piano, and others like horns. But it’s music, still sweet music.

Youtube: Click HERE!

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